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Server is back up!

Rediac a posted Oct 2, 14
Hey guys! the server is back up!!

We apologize for the downtime, there was maintenance being done, and it took longer than expected. 
[Arb] SkylaShi It died again... At 9pm Friday... October 3rd... Actually the ticks were quite good when all of a sudden commands stoppe ...

Omega T-Shirts

XzRAMBOXz a posted Aug 31, 14
Hey guys great news!! I was able to get the T-shirts cost down to $15.99 for the Men T-Shirts and $14.49 for the Woman T-Shirts! Go to the Apparel tab to see them. 

As a kid growing up, I was fascinated by science. All of the things that fascinated me; from the beginning of the universe, to where we are now, and what lies ahead for us. There was so much to know, and so much more to discover. Stephen Hawking, for me at least, inspired me to follow into science.

He is also afflicted with ALS.

For those of you who don't know, ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a disease that affects your motor neurons. In short, nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement. Over time, the disease causes these cells to degenerate, rendering simple everyday tasks such as eating impossible.

Research has been ongoing for decades, and with anything that involves nerve cells, it is incredibly difficult to treat as nerve cells do not (as of yet) regenerate by any natural means. However, we can band together as a community and fight ALS together.

I have set up a donation fund for everyone to pitch into (link in the top menu doobly doo). I have set a donation goal of $250, and if we manage to amass it by September 13th (which is my birthday), I will voluntarily take the Ice Bucket Challenge and will post a video for all of you to see that I will be going through it. You thought I'd do the challenge first, eh? Too fast for ya.

Even if we don't meet the goal, we will still have done something absolutely incredible.

Thank you to all in advance,
[Arb] cap10bendj Okay, I'm completely supportive of this act, BUT I don't think my parents would allow me to donate, very sorry, I will ...
raistlinhunted a 100% of proceeds will go toward the ALS Association, http://www.alsa.org/ with receipts posted here. I will also person ...
[Arb] SkylaShi What Rediac said, XD Also, I'll try to donate ASAP, I also have a friend with ALS. Go Omega! We can do it! ...
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